Location: EMU CREEK, Queensland 

The property is located 50 minutes north of Toowoomba in a small farming community Emu Creek. Emu Creek is located between Crows Nest and Blackbutt, Queensland. The event location is not listed by a road number - guests will have to enter onto brothers road (which is a dead end) and look for event signage. Have your tickets printed and available to be scanned at the gate where you will be given and arm band to wear for the entire event. 




COVID: if for whatever reason our event is forced to be cancelled due to a covid locked down tickets will be refunded or able to be used at our next event in July 2022. 

Property Size: 300 acres (private cattle farming property) 

Twice a year we swing open the farm gates and hundreds of campers from all over Australia roll in. Brothers Road is an un sealed road however it is suitable to all vehicles including: bikes, trucks. caravans (new and vintage), motorhomes, sedans. trailers etc. 

Ticket Name when bulk ordering: the name does not matter for check in. We just need everyone to have their own code - each printed ticket will be different. If your name is not on the ticket we will require you to fill out your details (because of the COVID regulations)

Family Friendly: Yes, that is something we are very proud of. Our events are fun, safe and enjoyable for all. Its such a wonderful environment - so don't feel you cant bring your kids. On average there is usually about 100 kids at each event 


Council Aware: Yes, we work very closely with Toowoomba Regional Council to bring you a safe well planned event twice a year.

Drinking: Yes, we are a BYO venue folks! We ask you limit the amount of glass bottles taken onto the property. Underage drinking is strictly not permitted and persons found supplying or drinking underage will be reported to the police and you will be removed from the property. We have a zero tolerance for underage drinking. DRINK RESPONSIBLY 

Please try and limit the amount of glass on the property. Our livestock graze in these pastures when we are not holding an event. Rubbish bins are available at the event with a can recycling area. 

Bar: No, at this stage there will be no charity bar onsite. 

Camping: Yes, campers are welcome in early Thursday if they wish. Guests are welcome to come and go as they please during 6am and 10pm. The gates are locked after 10pm and vehicle movement is prohibited. Guests depart anytime Monday morning via the same route into  the property. Please make sure all campers have event wrist bands for ease of access in and out of the property. Camping is not restricted - first in best dressed. We have opened a new area beyond the stage area for those who have large ground and want to get a little rowdy. 

Tickets: $50 (plus booking/transaction fee) all inclusive that means camping & event entry for the entire weekend. 

Children under 14 (free ticket) please allocate a free ticket per child to keep the numbers accurate in case of emergency situations. 

Music: Bands preform Saturday Night at the main stage (semi truck) 

Smoking: Yes, please be mindful of dropped cigarettes on the ground. 


Caravans & motor homes: Yes, lots of caravans big, small, vintage, full size busses and trucks come through the road on the property.

Campfires: Under the regulations we are allowed to permit campers with one fire (per campsite) for 'cooking' pending if there is no fire ban in place. Please be mindful that you are on a large grassed property and ambers can devastate our pastures. NO BON FIRES. Make sure you extinguish fires completely before leaving the property. Contact us UHF 14 if you are having issues. 

Firewood: We have lots of dry timber laying around from the properties old logging days. We'd prefer if you do not go into the paddocks to collect your own. We will have fire wood in a safe common area where you can collect and deposit a donation towards the time to cut the trees up. We are bound by insurances so please don't go willy nilly into the bush. Please feel free to bring your own firewood along. 

Toilets: Yes, toilets will be onsite. 

Showers: No, this is camping.. bring baby wipes, solar showers (very affordable) access to water (bore) at the cattle yards to fill your portable showers. 

Drinking Water: Will be available to purchase at the smoker pit. Please do no depend on the smoker pit for your entire water supply. Drinking water for your pets is available at cattle yards. 

Can you bring your own food? Yes, you can bring in your own food. 

Powered Sites: No, we are an off the grid property. You will not have access to power. 

Generators: Yes, please keep an eye on them in dry conditions to prevent fires. Please be mindful of your neighbours in the evenings if generators are loud. 


Food: The Wofty Possum Smoker Pit (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be onsite all weekend. Menus items include breakfast burritos, full racks pork ribs, pork & gravy rolls, brisket & gravy rolls. Most items are GLUTEN FREE including the gravy but please let us know if you have an allergy. The smoker pit is cash only so please be prepared. 

Coffee: Yes, there will be a coffee vendor on site. They generally set up early in the morning and leave by 10am approx. Again, cash only. 

Please no vendors need apply

Dogs: yes, on leash. Please clean up any deposits from your pets. 

Supplies at Crows Nest: the event location is approx. 20km north of the town. Bottle o, fuel, ATM and IGA in town. 

Event Contact: UHF 14 

Phone reception can be patchy at the event so you can contact each other via the UHF or event organisers 

Camp Decorating: Get your creative on! string up those beer can and sort out a name for your camp! Best camp will be judged secretly throughout the weekend and the winner will be crowed on stage Saturday afternoon!

Things to do: Bring your old couches (do not set them on fire!), foot balls, cricket sets etc. Push bikes for kids to ride around on. Wear them out during the day so they sleep at night! 

COVID: During the event we will have COVID safe practices in place. It is important that we record everyones details (mostly via the ticketing) however there may be a time at checkin where we need to get more details of the people who you may have purchased tickets so we have a full traceability of all the guests. Guests are encouraged to spread out, large campsites are always welcome. We will be temp testing everyone at checkin to the event. If you are feeling unwell or running a high temperature you will no be allow entry and your ticket will be forfeited. 

Refund Policy: Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. 

Contact Event Management: You can contact directly via this page or contact us 0458 205 273 

At the event you can contact us on UHF 14




By purchasing tickets you understand you are entering private property and you will not hold the property owners, event organisers or any related party liable for injuries or damage. Trespassing and under age drinking will be dealt will accordingly at the discretion of the property owners and event organisers.